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Authentic Palestinian Nablus Soap Box, 4 bars

Authentic Palestinian Nablus Soap Box, 4 bars

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For over 1000 years, soap makers in Nablus, Palestine, have produced an array of this 100% natural olive oil soap. Nablus soap comprises three ingredients: (1) virgin olive oil, (2) water, and (3) an alkaline sodium chemical known as sodium hydroxide. The alkaline mineral is created by combining powdered ashes from the barilla plant, which grows along the Jordan River, with locally sourced lime. The sodium compound is then cooked with water and olive oil in big copper vats over fermentation pits. Once the saponification process is complete, the thick liquid is poured onto frames or flat surfaces to set.

Nablus soap is cured (dried) for 3–12 months, which removes practically all of the moisture and extends the soap's life while also producing a creamy lather.


  • Versatile and excellent source for minimalists.
  • It can be used as an all-purpose cleanser for clothes, hair, pets, dishes, skin, and the body.
  • Olive oil is high in vitamins A, D, E, and K, which may benefit your skin.
  • Antibacterial characteristics, which make it useful for people who have frequent outbreaks.

Includes: al-Ard (The Land), al-Jamal (The Camel), al-Mufftahein (The Two Keys), and al-Zaytoon (The Olive). 


Virgin olive oil, water, and sodium hydroxide.

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